13-16.12.2017, BOROVETS, BULGARIA




Dear Colleagues,

Humanity is facing before the biggest challenge you of its existence. It proposed a strategy "Industry 4.0", in which the physical world merges with the virtual. Information technology, telecommunications and manufacturing are united when the means of production are becoming more independent. It is still impossible to say how it will look smart factories in the future. The scientists from around the world, from all scientific fields are called to seek an answer to the many challenges of "Industry 4.0".
The first International Conference in Bulgaria "Industry 4.0" will be held from 13 to 16 December 2017 in the resort "Borovets".
We invite the scientists and the researchers to present the results of their research works before the academic society and the industry representatives and to publish them in the international scientific magazines, issued by the Scientific-Technical Union of Mechanical Engineering.
We invite the companies to introduce their high-tech products and services, offered on the market, by presentations at the conference sessions and advertisements in the conference documents.
We do believe, that the International Scientific Conference “INDUSTRY 4.0” will become a place for meetings and discussions of scientists of all scientific fields, who are overcome by the challenge of transforming the innovation ideas into products and services, which create development and jobs, and establish a fair, ecological and high-tech society.
The conference program will give you the chance to find new friends and ideas, to relax, to amuse, and to feel the charm of the splendid winter in the mountains.

Prof. D.Sc. DHC Georgi Popov,
President of Bulgarian Scientific-Technical Union of Mechanical Engineering,
Co-Chair of the International Program Committee
Prof. Dr. Dr. DHC Jivka Ovtcharova
Co-Chair of the International Program Committee